Quantum Life Science

Quaternion = Julia Set = driven trapped atom

Since biology is the study of living things,
it is
the study of ourselves,
making it
the most intensely personal
of the sciences and
one whose philosophy is the most
emotionalism and dogma.

Becker & Marino, 1982

Completion of the Human Genome Mapping Project in 2001, ironically, marked an end
 to classical life science and as the old dogma falls away we enter a 'post-genomic' era
during which life science has, necessarily, to redefine itself.

Signal to the limit of the mainstream metaphysic is that only ~3% of the chromosomal
material is biologically meaningful, the remaining ~97% having historically been
denoted as 'junk DNA'. 

Progress in life science now critically depends on finding the means to offer functional
 explanation for this material and, scientifically speaking, quantum theory is the only
conceptual tool immediately to hand.

Overarching to this disciplinary crisis and making necessary the shift to a quantum
vision are developments in nanotechnology.  The case is then further made urgent
by the need for significant progress in quantum computing where the 'natural' or 
organic nanotechnology of the cell serves as the first point of reference and
resource for the synthetic technologies working to that end.  
Hypothesising that living systems are fundamentally quantum should, after more
than 80 years of quantum physics, be unexceptionable, a logical truth obscured
only by the semantic trick delivered by history that named the discipline of their
study 'biology' rather than some more exact description of 'carbon physics' or,
perhaps better, 'quantum systems physics'.  

Necessity is the simplest driver of this site and introduction of the gedanken experiment
outlined here is intended to offer theoretical support to the emerging 'real' life science
that is willing to explore the quantum reality underpinning living systems organisation.

Generically, this would be quantum life science.
Fractal geometry ...

Fractal scale invariance - at quantum, meso and cosmic scales - requires a transcendent mathematic

Don't undertake a project unless it is

manifestly important and nearly impossible.

Edwin Land



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The more I examine the universe and study the detail of its architecture
the more

evidence I find that the universe in some sense must have known we were coming.

Freeman Dyson quoted in Davies (1995) Are We Alone?

Quantum Life Science in a Fractal Universe

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